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December Daily 2013 | Organization & Cover Page


Did I mention that I really love the December Daily Kit by Studio Calico? *laugh* I think I did, like a 1000x over and over again. ;)

Anyway, I’ve finally unpacked my December Daily kit last week and organized them into my wooden drawer, which was originally used for my PL stuff. It’s a perfect drawer to store all the cards, stickers, wood veneer and other bits and pieces of embellishments. I’ve also used a small wire basket I got from my local store ages ago to store some washi tapes that I pulled out from my own collection. I picked out colors such as gold, red, green and grey to coordinate with the overall theme. I’m just setting them aside in case I need to use them on my pages.

For smaller items such as the confetti, brads, clips, badges and sequins, I arranged them in my flower shape watercolor palette I bought from my local art store, Art Friend. I think if you google online, you can find this palette elsewhere. It’s definitely one of my favorite organization products. It’s cheap and good! *laugh*

When you purchase the December Daily kit from Studio Calico, you will also receive bonus digital printables and die cuts (which is exclusive for the kit and will not be available in SC shop) in your dashboard. I’ve cut them out using my Silhouette Cameo and set them aside in a small container. In the coming weeks, I will be cutting up more die cuts from my own collection which will be related to Christmas/holiday season.

I will be pulling out a few more coordinating stuff from my own stash in the coming days and set them aside with the kit. I may or may not use them, I just want to be sure they’re there if I do need to. I would probably pull out some transparency, paper manila tags, mini alpha stickers, paper clips from my online shop, wood veneer, stamps, badges from my own shop. I’ll see how it goes along the way.

_MG_3022 2a

I’ve also cut out some die cuts that comes together with the printable made available for this December Daily kit. It’s my first time cutting it on glitter paper and I’m happy it turned out well. :) The glitter paper is from American Craft Pow! collection. You can either purchase it from Studio Calico shop here or you can buy them at your own local store. I only bought one silver piece to try out but since it turned out well, I’m going to be getting more of the silver and gold glitter papers.

The setting on Silhouette Studio is Glitter Paper setting with blade #6. It cuts through really clean.

For printables, you can read my tutorial here on how to print and cut them using Silhouette.

_MG_3007 2a

I know that Christmas is being celebrated globally. Some in a big way, filled with snow, hunting of trees, lots of presents etc. We do celebrate Christmas in Singapore in a big way too, except without the snow! *laugh* Well, I would say our Christmas is usually very wet as we head towards the year end where the monsoon season arrives. But we still embrace the Christmas spirit like everyone else in the world. The streets in the city are lined with bright and beautiful lightings, the malls are decked with beautiful decos and people are buzzing around shopping gifts for their loved ones.

Irregardless of how Christmas are celebrated all over the world, I think the main important thing is how we celebrate and embrace the tradition and magical moment during this season. And for a change, I’ll like to document this celebration for the first time. I’ll try my best to approach the 25 days documentation leading to Christmas with an open heart and to enjoy every details of my days together with my family.

Today I would also like to share what I’ve done on the cover of my handbook. As this will be my first time doing December Daily, I’ve been getting a lot of inspiration from Ali Edwards on her current preparation of her 2013 handbook album and also from her past years December Daily process. You can read all of them here.

_MG_3010 2a

I wanted a very neutral look on my cover, not too much gold or silver or red. I’m trying to find a balance so it doesn’t look overly cluttered with extreme colors. The beautiful exclusive handbook album from the December Daily Kit comes in raw chipboard cover with embossed stars and binded with gorgeous red linen. I’ve seen that Ali Edwards painted her cover beautifully and added just alpha wood veneer to complete her cover. Very simple and lovely. I’ve also seen lots of other people’s cover pages being shared in Instagram and Studio Calico gallery and forum. They are all lovely in their own ways.

Like I said earlier, I wanted a very neutral look for my cover and since I don’t have any paint (I think I’m the only crafter in this world who don’t have paint! ;) ), I’m not going to run off to the shop and buy one. So, I had this idea of covering the already beautifully embossed cover with stars with Studio Calico Storytime Darling clear acetate with white stars print on the front and back of my handbook. I find that it looks great and saves my lazy arse to paint the cover instead! *laugh*

So, here’s how I do my cover.

1) I used 2 pieces of the Storytime Darling white stars clear acetate, laid them on the front and back cover working on them one at a time, adhered the clear acetate with Glossy Accents on the four edges of the cover. Even though some light glue stains can be seen on the cover if you look closely, I’m not really bothered with it, so as long as it sticks well. Thereafter, I trimmed off the transparency with a blade.

_MG_3013 2a

2) Adhere the “25″ wood veneer onto the transparency. I chose to keep it raw without painting or embossing it. Thereafter, I attached the “twenty thirteen chipboard” from Thickers (comes in the DD kit) onto the wood veneer on the bottom part of “5″. Then I added a few gold enamel dots randomly on the wood veneer.

3) For the word “days”, I embossed it with Silver Zing Glitter embossing powder and adhered the words onto the side of the “25″ wood veneer.


And I’m done with the cover! I’m happy how it turned out. The cover has a mixed of red, raw chipboard grey, wood veneer, a touch of silver glitter, a little of gold and white stars on the clear acetate/transparency. I’ve achieved the look that I wanted with neutral and balance of colors. :)

_MG_3038 2a

Here’s how the front of my handbook album looks like.

_MG_3043 2a

I’ll be working on the contents in the coming days and weeks. And I hope to get them done before December comes so I can sit back and enjoy the holiday season and soak in all the goodness.

For those of you who is doing December Daily, I hope you’ve started making your album or planning to soon.

I’ll be back soon to share some content pages soon. Have a great week ahead! :)

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